Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Top 10 list"

The book tyrell has many interesting facts and meanings but I chose the following to be the most interesting and important in the book.
Tyrell is the important character in the book. In this book he is playing as the responsible one for the family, after his dad got sent to jail. His mother doesn't act like a responsible one after her husband went to jail. She doesn't take care of tyrell or troy younger brother. tyrell's dad used to work and pay for the rent and everthing they need. When he went to jail the mother was suppose to get a job or somthing, but she didn't. Instead she went out with her friends and party enery night. Tyell had to take care of troy. They didn't pay the rent for months, so the lanlord kicked them out. They had to find a shelter which they did. Tyrell's mother told him to find a job or sell drugs on the street like his father. One thing that tyrell has is the smartness, he doesn't want to end like his father.

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