Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post B

" You shouldn't smoke so much. It ain't good for you."
This relates to me because the world I am around does so much smoking and some of my friends too. I tell them to stop smoking and that it is bad for. They would love to quit but there too addictive to it. Well I think that every drug can harm you which is true. In our society people loves smoking and they think is cool specially teenagers they think their everything in the world, and trying to fit in. Specially they think smoking buys them friends. Teenagers do every thing they see on television or media. If they see their favorite celebrities smoking they'll smoke. they do every thing just to be like them. The book I am reading Tyrell knows that smoking is bad for you, but he still smokes because can't help it. He smokes once a day, only if he is stressed.He tells his mother not to smoke so much, because it's not good for you. She smokes five or six times a day. Every week she buys a new pack.

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