Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Summary the my outside reading book

The book I am reading is about this kid name Tyrell. He is going through a rough life. His dad went to jail about three times. Every time he goes to jail it has to be about selling drugs on the street. Every time Tyrell’s dad goes to jail. His mom acts like she doesn't have a family to take care of or, support like Tyrell, and his younger brother troy. Tyrell's dad use to bring home some money that he made from selling drugs or, throwing a party. He paid the rent for the apartment, and their groceries. While Tyrell’s dad was making cash bills his mom would clean around the house, and cook all the time. If she didn't do those chores and her husband arrives home he would spank her. So when the dad went to jail she didn't know what to do. She didn't went to get a job; she just lied back and didn't care no more. She even stopped cooking because her husband is not around no more. So there’s no one that can tell her to cook. When the kids are hungry she gives the older one like 5 dollars and tells him to go buy something for himself and his younger brother. So the landlord couldn’t take the fact that they couldn't pay because they didn't any money. So the landlord kicked them out, and they went to find a shelter. The shelter was very filthy, and dirty it was full of roaches. So one time she told Tyrell to act like a man and go sell drugs on the streets and make some money for us. He didn't want to do that because; he knew the consequences like ending up like his dad.

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